Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the way

Well, I'm joining the legions of seekers and finders who are blogging - because I need help, and perhaps I'll one day be a pointer too. I am so thrilled and amazed and hopeful and whatever that so many folks are realizing that they don't exist. This makes me happy! Wow! Really Happy. Do you know what I mean? I see mentors here. I see those on the path who have been there and now they are helping others. I am a searcher and of course that is not who I really am but the "death of me" and all that nonsense has a strong pull still within me as the realization that I am that is still very much a concept to me. I'm here and have been here for the long haul. Glad to be here. Glad for the suffering to end when it's seen through that that this self that is searching will never find anything because it doesn't exist. Right, my friends? Right.

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